AB-EZE Dancing

I love to dance on AB-EZE, and I am positive that you will, too!

For me, using a piece of equipment is somehow more motivating than not. Exercise tools help get me in the mindset of working out. Getting on AB-EZE separates me physically and mentally from tending to other things and helps carve out a little ‘me time‘ in my schedule. I am more inclined to get on AB-EZE than I am to get up from my desk and do 10 push ups. And, while I dance around the kitchen when cooking or goofing off with my kids, I will keep dancing for an entire song (or 5) when I am on my AB-EZE.

I made this vid to Don’t Wanna Go by Maroon 5 so you can see how easy it is to dance on AB-EZE. It’s hard to hear what I’m saying but it doesn’t matter…. I’m doing the same dance move throughout the entire song. This simple dance step is called the merengue. All you do is alternate bending and straightening opposite legs. First, practice walking in place to get the hang of it, then hop on your AB-EZE. Once you are comfortable with the merengue, try moving your hips more. Lean farther back or raise your arms to increase the intensity and core recruitment.

AB-EZE is deceptively effective. Turn on you favorite music, merengue in a reclined position on your AB-EZE for an entire song without taking a break or sitting upright, and I guarantee your abs will greet you in the morning.

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