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As a 47-year-old mother of four children, I know all too well that even the best experiences in life can take a toll on our bodies. After the birth of my youngest child, I was left with four finger width diastasis recti and three epigastric hernias. The invasive surgery taken to correct them in June 2013 left me with significant core weakness. I could not contract my stomach muscles, and I had no sensation in my abdomen. As an experienced yoga teacher and personal trainer, this was particularly frustrating. The belly that had held so much joy and life was now numb—inside and out. My mind and body were literally disconnected. That is, until the summer of 2016.


I discovered the secret to restoring my core strength and rebuilding my mind/body connection in August 2016 while sailing on a catamaran with my husband, Josh. I call Josh the ‘catama-wrangler’ because he adjusts the lines for the mainsheet and jib like a rodeo cowboy, while I have the fun part of riding the hull up high in the trapeze harness. We were sailing along one windy day, and I leaned way back in the trapeze to keep the boat from flipping. That's when it happened... I felt my stomach muscles! Squealing with delight, I excitedly explained to Josh how I was able to engage my abdominal muscles in a way that had not been accessible for the past three years. Josh celebrated my enthusiasm and helped me to create a working AB-EZE prototype that mimicked the catamaran trapeze for use at home. He also came up with the name, AB-EZE, representing both the ease of use and inspiration derived from the trapeze. AB-EZE trapeze… Hey, that rhymes!!!


I am sharing my before and after pics so that you can see how AB-EZE has helped shape my body.
I am excited to help you reach your health goals.

Michele Reder is National Association of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, and a 500 hour certified yoga instructor who teaches weekly classes, trains private clients, and leads retreats. At age 42, Missy placed top three in the Masters Bikini Division in the MuscleMania SuperBody, Fitness Atlantic, and WBFF Montreal physique competitions. As an industry expert, Missy’s mission is to help her students look and feel their best by empowering them with an understanding of of how to exercise effectively and efficiently, integrate healthy eating habits, and embrace a nurturing lifestyle. Missy openly shares her personal experiences of struggle and success in an effort to help those she inspires to see that every challenge is an opportunity.

In addition to her pursuits as a health and fitness innovator, Missy is a Speech-Language Pathologist who invented the BabyBond nursing cover. The BabyBond is the only breastfeeding cover sold worldwide that covers mother without covering her baby. Created with the understanding that communication begins before verbalization, BabyBond maintains modesty without interfering with eye contact. Breastfeeding with BabyBond, mother is able to feed her baby while nourishing their relationship.

Missy is a devoted mother of four children and wife of Josh, who is an FDNY firefighter. In an effort to practice what she preaches, Missy makes sure to find time for herself in the midst of her responsibilities; she enjoys dancing, practicing yoga, hiking, cooking, and letting loose at karaoke. She feels truly blessed to lead such a full and healthy life. The happiness she feels constantly serves as a motivating force as she seeks to help others on their journeys toward a more joyful existence. As Missy explains, “the only thing better than feeling good, is helping others feel good.”

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