Dorm Room Must Have

Hey Hey! AB-EZE​ made the Parenting In Progress​ back to school “Dorm Room Must Haves”!!! The dorm room is a perfect location for AB-EZE because you can hop on for a few minutes in mini study breaks and store in your desk drawer when not in use. Smart students understand the importance of exercise in the quest to up their cognitive game. Exercise increases oxygen which improves concentration, attention, and thought processing. A few minutes of movement to oxygenate your blood does more to increase energy than caffeine. Plus, all the sitting and studying wreaks havoc on posture resulting in neck/back pain. AB-EZE will keep your core strong and spine aligned to avoid the trending human question mark physique. Oh, and have you heard that exercise is more beneficial in managing stress than pharmaceuticals? Chances are high that your student may experience some stress. Parents: invest in your student’s physical health and mental well being. Added bonus is that your your student will walk tall on diploma day.

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