Glowing Years

Longevity is not about getting older, it is enjoying all that life has to offer at any age. Daily physical fitness is essential to maintaining an active lifestyle. In order to keep moving, one must keep moving. In other words, you have to move it or lose it.

Keeping fit into the golden years is important, however there are considerations that may impact the desire to exercise. Over time, the spine may curve forward causing the center of gravity to change. There is a tendency to gravitate toward a more sedentary lifestyle which results in muscles shortening, tightening, and weakening. Injuries or illnesses may have caused structural imbalances. These musculoskeletal changes alter quality of movement and lead to instability as we age.

AB-EZE offers a supportive way to exercise, increase core strength, and improve stability. Placing the pad around the upper back provides support for the user to shift weight toward one leg and perhaps even perform single leg exercises. AB-EZE facilitates improved alignment while performing squats which may reduce knee pain. Supported heel raises are a good way to improve balance and ankle strength. Positioning the pad at hip level makes abdominal and back strengthening exercise accessible without having to get down on the floor.

This video shows how Karen uses AB-EZE to keep her back strong, improve posture, remain flexible, and help stay balanced.


Try this Golden Years routine to improve senior stability.

  • Pec Stretch
  • Back Supported Pelvic Tilt
  • Wall Sit Squats
  • Mini Rainbow Reach
  • I,T,W
  • Mini Cobra

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