Why Train Abs?

What happens to your stomach when you get up from your chair? Chances are it pushes outward. Go ahead and try for yourself. Our continuous, repetitive movements throughout the day may be contributing to undesired physique outcomes. Think about how many times you transition from sit to stand… getting out of bed, getting off the toilet, getting up from a chair, getting out of the car. How many times a day are you pushing your belly out during your day? Without awareness, you may be training your belly to protrude. You may be causing your waistline to be bigger. If you have diastasis recti, you may be worsening it. If you have had abdominoplasty, you may be causing your belly to distend. If you have had a hysterectomy or other abdominal surgery, you may be protruding your stomach. If you are a mother, you may also be increasing pelvic floor weakness and/or incontinence. AB-EZE helps strengthen your core and firm your abdominal wall so your abs engage when strength is needed, like when transitioning from sit to stand. By mindfully training your muscle engagement your body becomes accustomed to responding as trained. When getting up, your abs will automatically respond by firming in an inward position to offer the strength needed, rather than pushing into a barrel belly.

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